“The Villain Edit” – How The Bachelor’s Alisha Played Into Producers Secret Tactics

Alisha Aitken-Radburn has ridden the bumps of reality TV more than once.

And now The Bachelor veteran is spilling all the tea about what really goes down behind the scenes and how she attempted to manipulate her ‘villain edit.’


“It’s been really interesting putting the book cover into the world,” she said.

“I received a few messages from other reality TV contestant people who were cast as the villain, kind of assuming that it was going to be this evisceration of production,”

The reality star said she was really fearful she would be one of the girls who was booted off on the first night of The Bachelor after resigning from her job to be on the show.

“It (the book) was going to really drill down on the idea that people were mistreated and that the edit is really harsh,”

“And I do play with some of those themes, like the tactics of producers, but I also try to drill down on what my own contribution was.”

The 30-year-old has recently returned to working in politics after marrying her Bachelor in Paradise co-star Glenn Smith earlier this year.

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