Stav Davidson Pays Tribute To His Late Friend Cal Wilson

The Australian entertainment industry is in mourning after beloved comedian Cal Wilson passed away at the age of 53.

Fellow comedian Stav Davidson paid tribute his friend.

Stav Remembers Cal:

Wilson was from Christchurch, New Zealand but moved to Melbourne in 2003 and appeared on the likes of SkitHOUSE, Thank God You’re Here, Have You Been Paying Attention and The Great Australian Bake Off.

“She was just a ball of light in the world,” Davidson said.

“You just don’t know when these people that are very important to you, just won’t be there;”

Known for her positivity and light, she had a profound impact on everyone she met.

Co-host Abby Coleman also highlighted the impact Cal had on her.

“When I did Have You Been Paying Attention with her, I was just blown away with how nice she was;” she said.

“She was just so warm and loving that she seemed too nice to be so funny!”

Wilson is survived by her husband of almost 16 years, Chris Woods, and their son, Digby.