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Seven Podcasts To Listen To On A Road Trip

You’ve made sure there’s enough air in your tires, that your oil has been changed and your water topped up. (And if you haven’t, do that now). So all that’s left is to do is to choose the perfect podcasts to listen to on a road trip.

We’ve done a lot of thinking, and researching, and as far as we’re concerned, when you’re picking podcasts to listen to on a road trip, you need one that has a) a decent back catalogue, b) one that will have you either giggling or hooked and c) one that will make your trip feel a heck of a lot shorter.

So, with that formula in mind, we’ve gathered seven podcasts to listen to on a road trip. Fair warning: Some of these are a little more suitable for kids in the car than others. Proceed with caution.

Gripped: You Don’t Know Me – Runtime: Three hours

The smash hit audio crime drama ticks all three boxes when it comes to making the perfect podcast to listen to on a road trip. Lizzie Burdett, a Northern Beaches teen, left her boyfriend’s house and was never seen again. Her boyfriend, Tom Caruso, fled town soon after her disappearance. Lizzie was never found, no charges were laid and the case went cold.

Eight years on, Lizzie’s family are demanding Tom returns and that a coroner’s inquest is held to find answers. Because someone knows something.

The six-part fiction series, each running about 30 minutes long, will keep everybody in the car on the edge of their seats until the final reveal.

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Hamish and Andy’s Remembering Project – Episode count: 60+

Hamish Blake and Andy Lee may be on their government-mandated holiday right now but they haven’t entirely slacked off. Whether it’s a personal memory, a significant moment in history or the silliness of a segment that catches their eye, Hamish and Andy are looking at the run sheets from over 2,500 shows across two decades and picking one singular talk break to discuss.

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UnTrue: The Underdogs – Runtime: Two hours, 15 minutes

OK now THIS is a podcast to listen to on a road trip that IS suitable for kids! BUT, very importantly, it’s not ONLY for kids.

UnTrue: The Underdogs is a new (un)true crime fiction podcast series that’s both a fun mystery for kids and a “true crime” comedy for grown-ups. The first season investigates the paaawzling mystery of who the Cat Burglar is. All eight episodes are out now and will keep little ones enthralled for at least a couple of hours.

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Secrets We Keep – Runtime: Four-and-a-half hours

Amelia Oberhardt thought she knew her Mum… until she died. It was then Amelia discovered a photo revealing her mother, a teenager, with a wedding ring, an apparent husband, cuddling an unknown baby.

Determined to find out more, Amelia’s journey takes her into the secrets of 1950-1970s Australia—shotgun marriages, hushed abortions, and forced adoptions.

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Behind the Hits – Episode count: 33

OK, we’re taking a pivot now on our list of podcasts to listen to on a road trip, to bring you something a little gentler, but no less gripping. Behind the Hits brings you the stories behind music’s most iconic songs with interviews from the artists who made them.

There really is something for everyone in here. Our suggestion? Take turns picking the artists. You get to educate your kids/ friends/ family on the joys of your favourite bands, and they get to return the favour.

We’ve got Bon Scott, Def Leppard, Taylor Swift, Queen… the list goes on.

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British Scandal – Episode count: 100+

JUICY GOSSIP ABOUNDS!! If you’ve never had the pleasure of dipping a toe into the world of British Scandal, you’re in for a treat. British scandals – of which there are many – bring down governments, overthrow the rich and cause the mighty to fall. From phone hacking to Saville to Profumo to the Aitken affair, there are plenty of scandals to keep you going on even the longest of road trips.

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Owned with Rex Chapman – Runtime: 18+ hours

If your interest in juicy gossip veers more into the world of sports, buckle up. The Wondery series, hosted by former NBA player Rex Chapman takes you behind-the-scenes of one of the most exclusive clubs on earth: The world of professional sports owners.

Each week a cast of reporters, athletes and comedians join Chapman to dissect the politics, scandals and scores of these eccentric moguls who hold our hopes and dreams in their hands.

And yes, Russel Crowe and the Rabbitohs do feature.

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