This Saucy Rom-Com Audio Fiction Podcast Is Perfect For Your Next Road Trip! 

This message goes out to those of us who are in control of the music and podcasts in the car: we have the perfect podcast for you to dive into during your next road trip! 

If you’ve been craving a new romantic comedy series to binge, this one is for you… and all you need to do is kick back and listen!

Based on the book The Younger Man by best-selling author Zoë Foster-Blake, the new audio fiction rom-com podcast series follows the story of Abby Vaughn, a thirty-something woman who is “successful and on the brink of burnout.”

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“She doesn’t have time for a serious relationship! So when a one-night stand with twenty-three year old Marcus turns out to be more than she initially imagined, and a holiday fling with an Italian gentleman follows her home, Abby’s left wondering who to choose… “ 

If that hasn’t hooked you already, it seems Abbie Chatfield is on board too!

You can dive into The Younger Man right here, now!