Explosive claims: Leonardo DiCaprio compared to ‘manipulative’ and ‘possessive’ Hugh Hefner

Crystal Hefner, former wife of Playboy empire founder Hugh Hefner, joined the Carrie & Tommy Show in an explosive chat, where she revealed what it was like to be married to a man she now recognises ‘manipulated her’ and who she describes as ‘possessive’.

The author of Only Say Good Things: Surviving Playboy and Finding Myself divulged bombshell details of all the celebrity guests she witnessed visit the Playboy Mansion during her 5-year marriage to Hefner:

‘I remember Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna hooking up one night,’ said Crystal.

‘Others came once in a while just to check it out – Justin Bieber, Kylie Jenner. They just came by to check it out, and I understand their curiosity.’

It didn’t take long however for Crystal to see the similarities between her ex-husband and The Departed actor, Leonardo DiCaprio:

‘The girls [girlfriends] are getting younger and I’m like ”Oh God, it’s a bad look”

Further comparing the two, Crystal shared the following advice to the Oscar Winner in an instagram story just hours after her tell-all chat with the Hit Network: ‘Sad but true. Misogyny is dying. I hope you fill that void in your soul so you don’t use any more young vulnerable women, adding them to the trail of your collateral damage.’

You can hear the full chat from the Carrie & Tommy podcast, HERE: