Kristy & Brett in studio, Nick Cody pictured in background

Kristy & Brett Take A Furious Swipe At Radio Hosts Following Bold Accusation

Kristy & Brett joined Fifi, Fev & Nick to clear up their ‘villainous’ portrayal on drama-filled season of The Block. However, things turned sour quick once Nick was accused for calling the couple “venomous”.


“The reason he talked about hate is because you guys steer that narrative about us”

“You’ve called us venomous on this show, you’ve called us bad people on this show”

“It’s very apparent what you want people to think of us”

“Hang on, I will pull you up – who in this room has called you venomous… because I don’t think they’re words that would come out of us”

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“I think it was Nick, probably”

“He doesn’t give a s**t about you guys”

The drama doesn’t end.

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