Jonathan Brown Exposes Craig McRae

Brisbane great Jonathan Brown has let rip on his former teammate and current Collingwood coach Craig McRae.

McRae has formed a Ted Lasso like reputation at the Pies this year, but Browny says that back in the day Fly’s was “The Generator”.

Browny Exposes Fly:

The two Brisbane legends played in back-to-back-to-back Premierships from 2001-03 in the Lions last Premiership feat.

The Lions have made their way to the final Saturday in September, determined to be the team to hold up silverware at the end of the match 20 years on from their last Premiership win against the Pies.

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Brown will be there cheering on his pride on from the stands.

“It’s the first time my team has been in a Grand Final that I actually haven’t played in,” he said.

“There’s a very proud history there; I grew up barracking for Fitzroy.”

The Brisbane Lions are set to take on Collingwood at the MCG this Saturday.

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