Ex-Mafia Boss Spills All!

In Carrie & Tommy’s recent segment of That’s What I Want To Know, they spoke to ex-Mafia Boss Michael Franzese, who opened up about crime, loss, sacrifices and life post-Mafia.

“I was part of that life for 25 years, so I’ve seen my share of violent acts and that life”

During the highpoint of his career, Michael was earning 8 Million dollars a week through both legal and illegal businesses, and he shared all the details behind how these operations took place:

It was a life that Michael was born in to, as his father was the Underboss in one of the five New York Mafia families, making him a high profile figure back in the sixties and seventies. This high profile nature made him a wanted figure, and ultimately saw Michael’s brother wearing a wire during conversations with his father, leading to a prison sentence for the Underboss.

The Franzese Family’s story of success and survival is one you don’t want to miss, and to hear past That’s What I Want To Know specials, catch them in our podcast below: