Ellidy Pullin Hears Touching Poem Three Years After Husband ‘Chumpy’ Pullin’s Tragic Death

It’s been three years since the world lost Winter Olympian Chumpy Pullin in a tragic accident, and while Ellidy feels the gargantuan loss every day, it’s especially difficult on the anniversary of his passing. 

While Ellidy and Chumpy’s daughter, Minnie, commemorate Chumpy in their own way, a friend of Ellidy’s goes the extra mile to honour him in the sweetest, most heart-warming way possible.

Leanne Laydon, the ‘Sunburnt Poet’, has written countless poems for Ellidy over the past three years, but this year, she wrote something extra special to celebrate Chumpy. 

“The poet Leanne Laydon, who’s the ‘sunburnt poet’, who wrote me all those poems like the last few years, and she just wrote another really beautiful one for Chump’s three years,” Ellidy said. 

Three Years Without Chump

Despite having written several beautiful poems for Ellidy and Minnie, Leanne and Ellidy only just recently met in person at the Brisbane Writers Festival. 

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“She came and saw me at Brisbane Writers Festival and then we got a coffee after and it was super beautiful and she’s so lovely,” Ellidy said. 

“I’m like, you need to f***ing write a book with all your amazing poems because she’s just incredible.”

Chloe volunteers to read the emotional and stunningly deep poem to Ellidy which is guaranteed to have you weeping (almost as hard as Chloe) from start to finish.

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