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Aussie Actor Suffers Unfortunate C*ck Slip During Intimate Scene

Australian actor Daniel Macpherson joined Fifi, Fev & Nick to reveal he had an unfortunate slip whilst filming a sex scene.


Aussie actress Ruby Rose is also co-star with Macpherson on new theatre show ‘2:22 A Ghost Story’ when the conversation arose.

“You two obviously are very convincingly a couple in the play… did you have to do a chemistry test?”

“No… we’ve known each other for years”

“I’ve had to do one… years ago, you get a little c*ck sock or some taped underwear that you get taped on your genitalia”

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“Mid-thrust, I looked down and saw the c*ck sock \ next to the B-camera…”

“The cameraman was looking up. and then things were flying free down there.”

“That was awkward.”

Definitely sounds like a c*ck-up!

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