Fifi, Fev & Nick looking shocked

Aussie Paramedic Shares Wildest Story Of A Man’s Mishap With A Broom Handle

Paramedic and author of ‘You Called An Ambulance For What?’ Tim Booth joined Fifi, Fev & Nick to tell the horrific tail (pun intended) of a patient and a broomstick.


“We often come across a group, usually men aged between about 20 to 50, a certain subset that I’d like to call cavity installation enthusiasts”

“This particular gentleman… his weapon of choice was an old broom handle”

“If you’ve ever been to Bunnings to buy a broom… you’d know built in to the end of the handle there’s a hook which they use to stack them up on the shelves… potentially where they’ve derived the term ‘shelving’ I guess”

“There was plenty of length in this game of ‘pin the tail on the donkey’… he’s probably just tried to get his steps up with mopping the floor or something”

“It wouldn’t come out because of the hook… the hook doesn’t tend to agree with body organs”

Well, this is too much to… handle.

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