carpet in a hallway

How A Unique Carpet Caught A Killer

Microscopic fibres can be just as critical to solving a case as evidence like weapons and bodies.

Forensic Science Professor Claude Roux spoke on the Crime Insiders: Forensics podcast about the complexity of fibre analysis in crime scene investigations:

Fibres are very thin threads from fabrics like clothes and towels, made from synthetic or natural materials.

Under a microscope, forensic scientists work to identify the composition and colour of the fibre and try to match it to fabrics from a crime scene.

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“It’s uncommon to have what we call a match by pure chance,” says Roux, “you can go backwards from the fibres to what could have happened”.

Professor Roux discusses a homicide case where carpet fibres on the bottom of a victim’s shoes led investigators to the killer.

Hear how fibre analysis solved the case on the full episode of Crime Insiders: