“He’s The Best I’ve Ever Seen” | Ray Warren On Who The GOAT Is

The classic pub debate of figuring out who the greatest of all time is for respective sports is one conversation full of subjectivity, yet also consists of a lot of passion.

It’s near impossible to find an answer when comparing players from various periods who haven’t played against each other.

Though there are certain individuals who command so much respect that fans have no choice but to sit, listen and possibly accept their opinion. 

In the game that is rugby league, there is none more respected than legendary caller Ray Warren.

A career that spanned decades, calling so many superstars, Rabs believes he knows who the GOAT is.

And that GOAT is Queensland royalty Wally Lewis.

“He was in the first Origin match in 1980,” started Lewis.

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“He had over 10 years of Origin football and that’s the toughest brand of Rugby League.”

“He won I think eight man of the match awards in 10 years.”

“They call him The King and he ran that kingdom.”

Other names such as Andrew Johns, Brad Fittler, Cameron Smith and Arthur Beetson get a mention, though, no one compares to The King in Rabs’ eyes.

“Andrew Johns dominated Origin but only for a couple years.”

“When you think about Cameron Smith, he has played I think 46 Origins and Wally only played 31.”

“If you use that as your yard stick maybe I’ve chosen the wrong one.”

“But I don’t think I have.”