Dr Golly

Dr. Golly And His Wife Get Candid About Their Daughters Health Condition

When Dr Golly and his wife, Ilit Golshevsky welcomed their third child Olympia into the world, something didn’t look right. She was born with a condition called Craniosynostosis meaning the bones in her skull weren’t developing as they should, which requires serious, intensive surgery.

 Dr Golly, a renowned pediatrician, found himself navigating the unfamiliar territory of being on the other side of medicine, as a parent. Ilit, a compassionate and dedicated mother, felt a whirlwind of emotions, from confusion and guilt. They discussed this on the latest episode of  Dr Golly and the Experts.

“I just went into survival mode… It was a blur… I do remember feeling lonely and feeling hopeless, sometimes thinking this was a sentence, a life sentence for her…”

In this deeply personal episode, the couple share profound insights into their individual struggles – including the impact it had on their relationship.

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