“Why Is There A Fridge Light But No Freezer Light?” Life’s Great Questions

Queensland Rush Hour A.B and Elliott’s weekly segment “Life’s Great Questions” where they ask Queensland to answer things that have always confused us (or maybe just Elliott?)

“The smartest people in Queensland, of course, this week I’m talking about our Fridgies, we all know you guys are known for your IQs of, what’s the highest IQ number?”

Today, Elliott bought a new fridge, it’s fancy “it’s got the little water thing”. Elliott says he feels like “I’ve made it”. However, he woke up this morning at 1 am and went to the fridge for a snack, when he opened up the freezer (where he stores his Tim Tams – genius) he discovered one thing that has him asking the question… 

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“Why Is There A Fridge Light But No Freezer Light?” 

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