Hand holding a mobile phone with social media app icons displayed.

The Social Media Apps That “Can And Will Be Used By Paedophiles”

Whether we like it or not, our kids are spending more and more time on social media… but is it safe?

Cyber safety expert Susan McLean explains the dangers of social media for children and how “any app, game, site or platform that allows communication… can and will be used by paedophiles”.

She tells Tanya & Steve that in particular, she would “avoid TikTok and Snapchat like the plague”.

Find out why below:

Technology expert Trevor Long however tells Tanya & Steve that he has a slightly different opinion on children using social media.

He says it’s “not evil, it’s actually really entertaining”. 

Hear his thoughts below:

Tanya & Steve ask Novocastrians to weigh in and share what they’ve found on their kid’s social media and/or mobile phones…

Hear their UNNERVING calls below:

Should kids have to do homework? Tanya & Steve give their thoughts.

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