Give Front-Rowers More Credit! Wado & Woodsy Loving Jaimin Jolliffe’s Captain’s Challenge

Who said front-rowers aren’t the smartest blokes on the field?!

Well a big man’s brave call turned the tide and momentum in Gold Coast Titans’ first win of the season away to New Zealand Warriors.

Aaron Woods asked former Cronulla Sharks skipper Wade Graham what do when a front-rower wants a Captain’s Challenge.

This comes after prop Jaimin Jolliffe insisted on Gold Coast Titans calling for a Captain’s Challenge late in the first-half.


“Wado was a captain, what do you when a front-rower comes to ya?” asked Woodsy.

“You question it before you try!” laughed Wado.

But the challenge was deemed successful as Warriors Dylan Walker was proven to be at fault for the forced error.

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A roar erupted in the commentary booth as the front-rower Jolliffe got it right!

“Jimmy Jolliffe is an honest man!” exclaimed Graham.

But Dan Ginnane had a parting shot for Woodsy.

“They’re your people front-rowers and you’ve thrown them under the bus,” said Ginnane.

“And he was right!”

But Woodsy remembered his days alongside Wado at the Sharks.

“I remember when I was at Cronulla I’d make an error and I’d just tell Wado to go challenge just for the sake of it,” laughed Woods.

But what a decision it proved to be, as the Titans managed to tie the game off the resulting challenge which swung all the momentum to the away side who would go onto win 27-24.