Steve's shocking health scare
Steve's shocking health scare

Steve’s Shocking Health Scare That Landed Him In Hospital

Steve’s shocking health scare kept him away from the first day back for Tanya and Steve for Breakfast on Monday, so Tanya managed to get him on the phone to explain what happened.


“I’ve been in the hospital for 18 days with an infection that nearly killed me,” Steve told us.

“I have my liver currently, as you know Tan, living outside me through a tube on a bag strapped to my leg.

“It’s been hell.”

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It turned out that Steve had contracted a water parasite in Bali, and it could have happened on any of a couple of recent trips.

“He was very good this specialist… he said it could be in anyone right now, as we speak, and nothing,” Steve said.

“And then it can just find a little home, and he found me and just went nuts, and yeah, it could have been laying there and then re-triggered or something.

“I wasn’t sick in Bali, I came home then did a road trip with my boy up to Christmas and I just started feeling a bit off… and then pain, and then ooh.

“Then I went to emergency and I haven’t come home.”


Steve also shared the moment that he realised what he thought was just an illness had gotten bigger on him that he could have imagined.

“The moment when you know that there’s too many nurses and doctors running, and too many machines going ‘bing’, you go ‘alright’,” he said.

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