Newcastle To Netflix: ‘Boy Swallows Universe’ Star Issac Strutt-Stevens

Cardiff Heights’ own Isaac Strutt-Stevens has become a household name, thanks to his role as Christopher in the Netflix series ‘Boy Swallows Universe’. In an exclusive interview with Tanya and Steve on Triple M Breakfast, Isaac delves into his journey from a local enthusiast to a global star.


The Leap from Facebook to Netflix

It all started with a Facebook casting call. Isaac, having previously hesitated to audition for roles, decided to take the plunge this time. His bold move paid off, securing his first paid acting gig in ‘Boy Swallows Universe’. This transition from making DIY short films for YouTube to working on a blockbuster project marks a significant milestone in Isaac’s budding career.

Working with A-List Celebrities

Isaac’s experience on the set of ‘Boy Swallows Universe’ was nothing short of extraordinary, especially considering the star-studded cast including Simon Baker, Bryan Brown, and Phoebe Tonkin. He shares insights into what it was like to work alongside these renowned actors.

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A Memorable Encounter with Bryan Brown

Isaac recounts his first meeting with the iconic Australian actor Bryan Brown, admitting he initially didn’t recognize him. Brown’s down-to-earth nature and willingness to mentor Isaac exemplify the supportive environment on set.

The Challenge of Balancing School and Stardom

Returning to school wasn’t easy for Isaac. During the production of ‘Boy Swallows Universe’, he faced bullying for his involvement in the show. However, with the series’ international success, Isaac hopes this will change, highlighting the issue of ‘tall poppy syndrome’ in Australian culture.

Isaac Strutt-Stevens: A Rising Star with a Grounded Perspective

Isaac Strutt-Stevens’ journey from Cardiff Heights to global recognition is inspiring. His experience demonstrates the importance of seizing opportunities, the value of mentorship, and the resilience needed to overcome challenges. As ‘Boy Swallows Universe’ continues to captivate audiences worldwide, Isaac’s story serves as a beacon of hope for aspiring actors everywhere.

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