Paul McCartney

Inside Paul McCartney’s Intimate Soundcheck In Adelaide

For the fans of The Beatles and Sir Paul McCartney – Roo, Ditts & Loz have all the details behind his intimate soundcheck in Adelaide at the Entertainment Centre!

Only 35 people were invited and Producer Jarryd was one of them! He reflects on Paul describing the magic of writing music, working with John Lennon and so much more.


Producer Jarryd described the excitement of the evening to Roo, Ditts & Loz, explaining he was amazed he got the chance to be there.

“It was something so intimate, and I couldn’t help but smile and it was a little bit pinch me,” he said.

Producer Jarryd with headphones on speaks into a microphone
Producer Jarryd describes his experience at Paul McCartney’s intimate soundcheck.

Sir Paul described how he has written some of The Beatles’ most famous songs including Yesterday and Let It Be.

“Someone said to me once do you believe in magic, well I kind of got to,” Paul said.

“A couple of my songs I sort of didn’t write. I woke up one morning and there was this tune in my head and it turned out to be Yesterday.”

Sir Paul McCartney will perform to a sellout crowd in Adelaide Wednesday 18th October at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre.

The last time Paul was in Adelaide was thirty years ago on March 13, 1993, as part of his The New World Tour.

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