Tex Walker pays tribute to Rory Sloane

Tex Walker Pays Tribute To His Great Mate Rory Sloane

Tex Walker joined Roo, Ditts & Loz this morning and paid tribute to his great mate Rory Sloane the day after he announced his retirement.


“I don’t know where to start with Sloaney,” Tex said.

“I’ve been there with him for 16 years. 

“You just knew every single time you ran out the race, you never had to worry about Sloaney, because you knew exactly what you were gonna get.

“He addressed the group yesterday and said ‘all I ever wanted to do was play hard footy, be a better runner defensively, and when I got the opportunity I wanted to finish my work, that’s what I wanted to be known as.

“I’m like, mate, if you could write your script, that’s exactly how you’d write it! 

“He’s the most honest footballer I’ve ever played with, tough, hard, just knew when the moment he had to stand up.”

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Tex also spoke warmly about his deep and abiding friendship with Sloane, and his sadness that he can’t have a farewell match.

“Our families have become very close away from footy, and within footy as well,” Tex said.

“It’s very sad that he’s finishing, like I don’t get to play with him one more time, he doesn’t get to kick to me one more time, we don’t get to celebrate one more time.”

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Tex saw a silver lining, however, in the free time that’s about to open up for Sloane.

“We’ve both got caravans now and we’re gonna make a lot of memories caravanning around Australia,” he said.

“He’s just a beautiful human and so is Bell (wife Belinda), and their four kids… we’ve created so many memories and there’s so many more to come.”


“It’s very said, but it’s one of those things, you look back and go ‘wow how lucky were we as family at the Adelaide footy club to have such an amazing human to represent our footy club?” Tex said.

“All the kids have been able to come and develop and grow at our footy club and have an idol like Sloaney.”


Tex also addressed allegations he pinched a joke off Billy Brownless, previewed the massive upcoming Showdown and more.

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