roo attempts to peel record number of yabbies

Mark ‘Roo’ Ricciuto Attempts Record For Yabby Peeling

He’s a local legend in the Riverland and now he might just be a world record holder!

That’s right, Mark ‘Roo’ Ricciuto attempts the record for most yabbies peeled during his Riverland trip with Ditts & Loz.

Hear Roo’s Record For Yabby Peeling

To have yabbies to peel, they had to be caught first and Loz definitely got her hands dirty!

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“It was good to see that the carp juice I spilt over me and my shoes was not for no reason,” Loz said.

With his chardonnay in one hand, Ditts commentated the record attempt.

Safe to say there was quite a feed left over for the Triple M team!