“I Know I’ve Worked Hard So Whatever It Is I Am Just Going To Accept It” Ali’s Bod Squad Final Weigh In

It’s the final weigh-in for Ali’s Bod Squad, it’s been a massive couple of weeks for Ali, Lisa, Jess, Tracey, Tash and Lyndsay and they have all put in so much effort and dedication. Now it’s time to face the scales, Lisa is first and lost a whopping 2.9 kilos and is very pleased with her weight loss and says she would never make time for this (exercise) but she realises now you can actually make time.

Tracey is second to hop on the scales, and she has had a different couple of weeks from the other girls as she had covid. All in all, she lost an amazing 2kgs. Saying “I have to be happy with that”.

Jess is third to get on the scales losing a very impressive 3.5 kilos. She hasn’t been able to train as much as she’d like but has been very strict with her meals.

“Tash tough nut” is the fourth to get on the scales, she admits she is nervous to get on the scales but has lost 2.1kilos.

Lyndsay has had an emotional couple of weeks admitting a lot to the bod squad and triple m team, however, the scales don’t lie, and she has lost an amazing 3 kilos.

Ali is the final one to weigh in, it all started with Ali, and she gets emotional when she talks about the team. Listen below to how she went:

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