“Will You Be Paying Or Help Paying Back The Tax Payers” Spida Questions Sailor Xavier Doerr After Having An Emergency Rescue

Triple M‘s Flan, Ali and Spida are joined by 22-year-old sailor Xavier Doerr who recently had to be rescued by emergency services as his boat took on water and began to sink.

Xavier Doerr was attempting to break a record to complete a non-stop and solo circumnavigation of Australia when he got into trouble on Friday afternoon.

He says, “I spent about, all up 40-something days at sea alone, sailing continuously and my trip was ultimately ended probably 48 hours ago”.

Xavier says he collided with a “submerged object underwater and suffered some pretty bag injuries. I compressed my head, I started taking water on through my boat and I ultimately had to set off my emergency beacon”. 

Spida hits hard as Xavier was rescued by emergency services saying “There was no need to sail in those conditions and you even claimed that on social media saying it’s pretty scary out there and suddenly costing tax payers millions and billions of dollars”.  

Listen to Xavier’s response here: 

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