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Where To Find The Best Doughnuts To Celebrate National Doughnut Day

In case you need an excuse to gorge on some sweet treats this week, National Doughnut Day is swiftly approaching, and we know exactly where you can nab yourself a mouth-watering (and possibly free) doughnut near you. 

Krispy Kreme 

To celebrate National Doughnut Day on June 2, Krispy Kreme are giving away (yes, that means FREE) 100,000 Original Glazed doughnuts. 

Customers can score themselves a free doughnut at any of the participating stores across NSW, QLD, VIC, WA and SA. 

The Krispy Kreme team have a hot tip to make sure you don’t miss out on one of their classic Original Glazed doughnuts. Plan ahead – the shops can get pretty busy so make sure to visit outside of peak hour. Last year, the store saw a whopping 8,000 Aussies rush in for a doughnut between 4-5PM. 

Follow the link through to find a participating Krispy Kreme store near you. 

Donut King 

If you’re more into a warm, fluffy, cinnamon doughnut, Donut King will also be slinging free doughnuts on Friday. 

Made in store and served hot, these melt-in-your mouth classics have been around for over 40 years and have a legion of doughnut fans coming back for a free cinnamon doughnut ever year.

“There is something so nostalgic about a fresh, hot cinnamon donut. They are made fresh to order in- store, rolled in a sweet cinnamon sugar coating and served piping hot. The ’hot cinni‘ engages all of the senses. It is simply unbeatable.” Donut Marketing Manager Raquel Hine said. 

Pop into one of Donut King’s participating stores near you!

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Doughnut Time

This one is for the Queenslanders! What better time is there to treat yourself to some doughnut time? With stores in both Brisbane and the Gold Coast, these doughnuts are much more than your regular sweet, doughy goodness and are coated, stuffed and rolled in all sorts of delicious glazes, flavours and custards. 

Named after an assortment of random pop culture references, duck in and wrap your lips around the ORITA ORA – stuffed with cookies and cream butter cream, topped with vanilla glaze and crushed Oreo; or try the CARAMEL BASKIN – glazed in caramel chocolate, vanilla drizzle and topped with Caramel squares. 

G-Free Donuts 

For all of you gluten-free Aussies who feel like they could be missing out – we have you covered! G-Free Donuts are the go-to for the freshest, warm gluten-free cinnamon doughnuts and they never fail to disappoint. 

Whether you like the O.G hot cinnamon donut or would like it stuffed with caramel, Nutella, custard or jam, they cater for all gluten-free doughnut lovers. 

There are several locations across NSW, QLD and WA for you to drop into where you can pick up a single doughnut, two for $5, three for $7, five for $10 and if you’re feeling generous or are thinking of feeding the whole office, you can grab packs of 30, 50 and 100. 

G-Free Donuts at Robina Town Centre on the Gold Coast have announced they will be exclusively rolling out $1 doughnuts all day with a limit of 30 doughnuts per person.

Follow the link to the website to find your nearest location! 

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