To All The Shapes We’ve Loved And Lost, Including The Iconic “Zesty” Shapes


You can tell a lot about a person by what their favourite Shapes flavour is. Pizza? Someone you can count on. Chicken Crimpy? They think outside the box. Savoury? You need to rethink your friendship.

We joke! Obviously – as Ingredipedia co-host Ben Birchall puts it, Savoury Shapes are the “source code” for all other Shapes. And that’s not just a turn of phrase, either; Savoury – that mystical, non-flavour flavour – is the Original Shape, the flavour that launched a legacy.

That was way back in 1954, when the Brockhoff Biscuit Company introduced Australia to Savoury Shapes, a cheesy flavour biccie that came in five different shapes. They were an immediate success and the next flavour that followed was… French Onion. Surprise!

French Onion wasn’t the only Shapes flavour that didn’t make it through to the 2020s; in the latest episode of Ingredipedia, Emily Naismith takes us on a journey through the Shapes Graveyard, in an ode to all the biscuits we’ve loved and lost – including, of course, the iconic and vague “Zesty”.

Have a listen here.

Since we’re on the topic of Shapes, did you know that we put away 53 MILLION packets of Shapes every year here in Australia?

If that has you feeling all types of peckish, we have good news and bad news. The bad news is is that we can’t actually feed you right now. The good news is is that our friends at Broadsheet can absolutely point you in the direction of a fantastic meal – or drink, or night out, or anything, really.

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