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Dr Trav Shares The Secret To Maintaining A Healthy Friendship

So, we’ve probably all heard of a relationship therapist – someone who acts as a mediator and advice fountain for a person and their partner – but have you ever heard of a friendship therapist? 

To be fair, I think many of us could probably have done with a bit of friendship therapy in the past, whether it be to tackle problems before they arise or to heal already damaged relationships. 

Dr Trav is recognised as one of the best practitioners in his field including executive coaching, strategic leadership and organisational psychology. 

As fans of the podcast probably already know, Chloe and Ellidy have a business running together while also juggling travelling which means long periods of time apart.

“I guess Chloe and I, we’re like best friends, but now we have business together and we just have like so much work that we do together, even outside of the podcast and it’s like we’re super honest with each other, which is great, but we just thought it’s important to get into, like encouraging people to be upfront,” Ellidy said.

Out of curiosity, the girls employed the help of Dr Trav in the hopes they might get some good advice on how to nurture a friendship/business partnership. 

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Friendship Therapy with Dr Trav

While Dr Trav is obviously well-known in his field, the girls wanted clarification on his specialties. 

“I work with individuals, normally executives, but in groups and teams a lot of the time and inevitably that will revolve around relationships, both inside of work and outside of work,” he said.

“So, relationships is a big bucket.” 

Dr Trav believes that while have a working partnership and friendship is important, so is maintaining your individuality.

“The million dollar question is, what are you doing on yourselves independent of each other?

Dr Trav guides the girls through the ups, the downs and the pros and cons of their professional and personal relationship, teaching them how to find independence, manage expectations and make the most out of their time together. 

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