“If You Sign A Contract Your Decision Is Made!” Wendell Sailor Unsure Of Reported NRL “Backflip” Clauses

The NRL are reportedly introducing a “backflip” clause for player transfers and Wendell Sailor shared his thoughts on The Rush Hour.


Clubs will be given notice when a player is willing to accept a contract from a rival team.

The team in question will be given a 10-day period to convince their player to stay but also won’t be told any details about the rival offer.

Wendell Sailor wasn’t sure about the idea.

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“If you sign a contract, your decision is made,” said Sailor.

“I know some players have done it, I know [Daly] Cherry-Evans has done it,

“Whatever is going to help our game, a bit of theatre.”

The deal will give more power to players and agents, as they will be given this 10-day period to “backflip”.

More importantly the NRL will be aiming to end controversial, late u-turns that have always garnished controversy.