Tom Jonas of Port Adelaide stands with team

Tom Jonas On Port’s Illness As 10 Players Miss Main Training

Port Adelaide Captain Tom Jonas joined Roo, Ditts & Loz to talk about the illness sweeping the club, with 10 players missing main training this week.

Tom Jonas on Port Adelaide’s Illnesses:

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“We’ve had a few days off to take it easy, to make sure no one else in the group gets it,” Jonas said.

Jonas is certain that the team will play well, shining a light on Ollie Lord’s performance in the absence of Charlie Dixon who is off due to a small foot fracture.

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“I think we can see Ollie Lord’s certainly been able to stand up in his [Charlie Dixon] absence and we’ve found other ways to win,” Jonas said.

“Because the reality is it doesn’t look like anyone is going to be at full strength come September.”

Port Adelaide face Greater Western Sydney this Sunday at Adelaide Oval, 4:40pm.

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