Mark Ricciuto over Aliir Aliir and Lachie Jones concussion protocol

“The Reputational Damage Here Is Far Greater Than The Fine” Roo Reacts To Port’s Concussion Protocol Breach

Port Adelaide’s decision to not send Aliir Aliir off following the collision with Lachie Jones has now cost the club $100,000 in fines for breaching concussion protocols.

Mark Ricciuto shares his concern for Aliir on Roo, Ditts & Loz on Triple M Adelaide, adding that the decision not to send him for SCAT testing hurts the reputation of everyone involved.


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“The reputational damage is in lots of ways, far greater than the $100,000,” Roo said.

Roo adds that there could be repercussions in the future for the club and the AFL.

“Who’s to say if Aliir Aliir has issues in 3, 5, 10 years that he isn’t going to sue the backside of the Port Adelaide Football Club and the AFL,” Roo said.

The statement from the AFL was released this morning, outlining the terms for the sanction:

The AFL has issued the Port Adelaide Football Club with a $100,000 sanction after breaching AFL Concussion protocols. An amount of $50,000 (50%) will be included in the club’s Football Department soft cap with the balance ($50,000) outside the soft cap unless a similar breach occurs prior to the end of the AFL and AFLW seasons next year.

In a statement by GM of Football at Port Adelaide Chris Davis, he says the club is remorseful and is dedicated to the protection of players’ brain health.

“Our club understands the health and safety of players at all levels of the game is the key priority and we understand concussion and the protection of the brain health of all those playing our game is paramount,” Davies said.