Justin Longmuir's gentle dig at Footy Media

Longmuir’s Gentle Dig At Footy Media: “So Blown Out Of Proportion”

Dockers coach Justin Longmuir has confirmed that Fyfe certainly did give the team a fair old rev-up before training this week, and also confirmed that Sean Darcy did have a team BBQ last weekend at his house.

And basically, as JL suggested to Pete, Matt and Kymba today, “what’s the big deal?”


“I don’t know what he (Fyfe) said, but it worked. The team trained well,

“This is the thing. Things get so blown out of proportion,

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“They get together all the time. They got together last year, they got together over summer,

“That what you want. You want to stay together when times are tough. But it’s not out of the box.”

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