“Do Not Have Sex Romps! Do Not Get Extorted!” Las Vegas Police Chief NRL Warning

Las Vegas police chief Kendall Bell has given the four NRL clubs travelling to Sin City for the historic round 1 fixtures an interesting but fair warning.


Ben Dobbin from The Rush Hour went into full detail of the briefing that was provided to the clubs Manly Sea Eagles, Brisbane Broncos, Sydney Roosters and South Sydney Rabbitohs.

Dobbo praised the fact that Bell and the NRL themselves have not beaten around the bush with possible misdemeanours facing the clubs in a city notorious for “fun” of all sorts.

“Hats off to the NRL because they’ve just pulled the bandaid off this issue,” started Dobbin.

“It was more about the warnings and the traps of Vegas.”

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Bell, an experienced police chief was also the head of security for this year’s latest edition of the Super Bowl.

So… with experience, comes great wisdom… and the four NRL clubs have been put on notice.

“He talked about the three demons,

“He urged players to avoid the dark temptations, most notably, alcohol, drugs and sex.

“This is where he got much more into detail.

“He urged players to avoid taking women back into their rooms and avoid having sex romps, which would lead them vulnerable to extortion attempts.”