Jay Clark Says The Spolight Will Move Onto Michael Voss After Carlton’s Loss To Sydney

Jay Clark says Michael Voss’ future as Carlton’s coach will be in question if the second half of their season continues the way it’s been in 2023 so far.

With the talent they have, Clark said “the season will be a disaster if they don’t make the finals.”

Listen here:

“The spotlight is going to burn intensely on the senior coach Michael Voss, and he has got an enormous job to do to lift this club back up to the standard where it should be playing,” Clark said on Footy Talk.

“If he can’t do that, if this gets worse over the second half of the season, if this all falls apart and this goes really south, well then it will be a conversation at the end of the year.

“Have they got the right man; do they need a new coach?”

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