Trent Cotchin Discusses the Impact of Kane Cornes’ On-Air Skit

Three-time Richmond premiership captain Trent Cotchin has shared the effects of a skit by media personality Kane Cornes on Channel 9’s The Sunday Footy Show.

Cotchin, now working for Channel 7’s Talking Footy, was in the middle of a skit after an analysis designed and published on TikTok was picked up and critiqued by Cornes.

Listen to Cotchin discuss the Kane Cornes skit here (3:40min):

Despite being the subject of the on-air take down, Cotchin himself was unaware of the incident until contacted by the affected crew. His reaction? Unfazed.

“Kane always has lots to say about the Tigers and in particular me throughout the time that he’s been in commentary and that’s fine.,” Cotchin confessed, emphasizing his indifference to the noise.

However, the real impact unfolded behind the scenes where a young producer, deeply affected, believed he had let down the AFL star.

“I didn’t even know about it. And then obviously the people that it did impact had contacted me just to see how I was feeling,” Cotchin said on the Howie Games Podcast.

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“The purpose of it was for TikTok and it was meant to be kind of makeshift. It wasn’t like it was shown on a TV show.”

“For me, it was the young guy that actually put it all together. He was like absolutely gutted, he felt like he’d let me down.”

When quizzed if Cotchin saw the humour in it or not, he responded honestly.

“I still haven’t seen the actual segment. It won’t impact me.”

“If I let other people’s opinion of me or anything that I’m involved in impact me from a day to day point of view, I’d live a pretty unhappy life.”

The honest revelation offers a glimpse into the challenges and pressures faced by sports media professionals in the digital age.

For more of Trent Cotchin, tune into the full conversation on the Howie Games podcast.