Taylor Walker in crows guernsey disappointed. Football pictured near goals

“I Genuinely Feel Sorry For The Goal Umpire” Tex Walker Reacts To Crows Goal Controversy

Adelaide have missed their opportunity at finals following a controversial decision in their game against Sydney, with a ‘shattered’ Taylor Walker on Roo, Ditts & Loz on Triple M Breakfast showing compassion for the goal umpire.

Taylor Walker On Disallowed Goal:

“I look at it and go ‘humans make mistakes’, we’ve all made them,” Tex said.

With 70 seconds remaining in the game, Ben Keays kicked the controversial goal only to be denied by the goal umpire for brushing the post.

“I genuinely feel sorry for the goal umpire…I’m sure the AFL now looks at it and says ‘we need to make some changes’.

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Crows Board Have Explored Every Possible Legal Avenue On Goal Controversy

Triple M Breakfast host and Crows Board Member Mark ‘Roo’ Ricciuto shares a recent update from the board about their response to the decision.

“Because there was 70 seconds left in the game after that, there is no legal avenue, they have explored every possible option,” Roo said.

“And trust me, I’ve rang John Olsen several times to the point, I was ringing him thinking he’s going to hate me ringing again,” he said.

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