“I Spoke To Adam… It’s A Very Dark Day For The Brisbane Broncos” Dobbo On Scuffle Between Reynolds & Patrick Carrigan

Brisbane Broncos skipper Adam Reynolds and vice-captain Patrick Carrigan were caught on film in an alleged scuffle after a Brisbane Broncos fan day.


The Brisbane Broncos will be soon flying out for a historic round 1 match in Las Vegas, though now the incident has been referred to NRL’s integrity unit.

Ben Dobbin on The Rush Hour with Leisel Jones, Liam & Dobbo shed more light on the situation.

“This is probably a very dark day for the Brisbane Broncos,” said Dobbo.

“Thousands and thousands of children, men and women were at Red Hill for [the fan day].

“The players [after] went out for a few drinks, which is very standard, as once the season starts they just don’t get the opportunity.”

Dobbin continues explaining that “some players had a few too many” and they were asked to leave the establishment MAYA Mexican.

“It’s not a good look, a few of the other players rang the Broncos late last night.”

Dobbo personally spoke to Adam Reynolds, and stated the captain was trying to clean up the situation.

“He says he’s embarrassed, humiliated, he’s upset about the whole incident, wish it hadn’t happened.

“He was trying to get Patrick Carrigan into a cab.”