“No Wonder”: Nick Riewoldt Bakes The AFL’s Head Of Umpiring Over Glaring Inconsistency

AFL umpiring has come under the spotlight after last Friday’s draw between Fremantle and Collingwood.

Particularly where Nick Riewoldt’s concerned…

Collingwood’s Lachie Sullivan was penalised for time wasting after failing to hand the ball back to the umpire at a stoppage, instead handing the ball to a teammate.

So AFL head of umpiring Stephen McBurney was queried about Sullivan’s intent on AFL Media’s Footy Feed Extra.

“We can’t judge what players are thinking. We can’t be mind readers. But we need to judge the action,” he explained to Sarah Olle.

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And his explanation landed him right in Roo’s crosshairs.

“Even when they’re trying to explain inconsistencies they’re being inconsistent,” he said on Footy Talk.

“And they’re contradicting themselves and the very rules which they are employed to govern…”


(from 3:10)

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