“He’s Shadow Boxing, He Hasn’t Connected Once!” | Simon Black Lifts The Lid On The Infamous Lynch-Wakelin Fight

Triple-premiership Brisbane Lions legend Simon Black has lifted the lid on the infamous 2004 Grand Final incident between former teammate Alastair Lynch and Port Adelaide’s Darryl Wakelin.

Joining the Triple M call team for Brisbane’s Qualifying Final clash against Port Adelaide, Black shared his recollections of the fight.


“I was 50 yards away, and I was just laughing,” Black said.

“[I was] thinking, he’s just shadow boxing, he hasn’t connected once, the big fella!”

Black recalled that Lynch had injured his quad moments earlier, and decided to try and ‘equalise the numbers’ by targeting his opponent.

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“‘Lynchy’ had done a quad a minute or two earlier, and he said after the game, ‘I knew I had nothing from there, and I just thought, “I’m gonna take this bloke out.”‘

“Unfortunately, the poor bloke needed boxing lessons before it, cause he did not connect once!”

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