Christian Hull and Abbie Kelly

The Aussie Teenager Changing LGBTQIA+ Lives One Rainbow Bead Shoelace At A Time! 

It all started with a few rainbow beads on Abbie’s shoelaces, now her movement has gone GLOBAL. 

Joining Christian Hull on his podcast Complete Drivel this week, the 14-year-old from Broken Hill opened up about her experience as a bisexual teenager in modern-day Australia.

Abbie quickly became one of Christian’s heroes after spearheading the Rainbow Shoelace Project as a response to the homophobia she was facing at school.

“People shouldn’t have to feel as though they have to hide just so they don’t get harassed,” Abbie explained. 

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“If I feel alone having beads on my shoelaces, why not have every single person in Australia – in the world – have rainbow beads on their shoelaces, so no one feels alone.” 

Take a listen below as both Christian and Abbie share their own experiences growing up queer and what adversities our current LGBTQIA+ teens are facing: 

Find out more about the Rainbow Shoelace Project here.

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