Michael Shafar Accidentally Became The Jewish Representation Of Comedy

Is laughter the best medicine? Well comedian Michael Shafar might be able to help with that.

He’s probably the only person who can make fun being Jewish, having cancer and his genitals in the same breath – and not only get away with it – but have the room in hysterics.

Listen now:

In this chat with Antoinette Lattouf, Michael explains why he isn’t afraid to tackle political topics in his shows and how he’s accidentally become the Jewish representative of comedy…

A Jewish representation who eats bacon and ham, and happily picks up $10 off the ground.

Comedy act aside though, it does mean more to Michael.

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“I mean, it’s kinda ridiculous that that’s what I am, but I guess that’s kind of what I am for being publicly Jewish,” he said.

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“I’m very aware of the responsibility, so I want to make sure that I represent the people that I think is fair and kind and justified.

“But also, how do you represent a whole group of people? Jews are so diverse, we’re not a monolith… there’s so much diversity within a group of people culutrally [and] ideologically.”

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