Ellen Phiddian Reveals Whether Giant Sinkholes Can Be Predicted

Since I was a kid, I’ve had an irrational fear of sinkholes thinking I could find myself being swallowed up by one if I strayed too far off the beaten path. 

Turns out I was well within my rights to be concerned with Cosmos Magazine journalist Ellen Phiddian confirming my worst fears. 

“A couple of years ago, I walked up to the pizza place at the end of my street. I stepped onto the nature strip, ready to cross the road, and the ground opened up underneath me. I plunged downward for a terrifying moment, but only for a moment. In the end, I went in up to my knees,” she said. 

“I got out of the sinkhole and continued on to pick up my pizza. It was a significantly muddier journey than I’d intended, but other than that, I was fine. My sinkhole mishap was barely a sinkhole. Just a bit of subsidence caused by a burst water main.”

The Spooky Science and Spectacle of Sinkholes:

According to Ellen, while this sinkhole was fairly harmless, bigger, scarier sinkholes the size of buildings can open up without warning and make all of our nightmares come true. 

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Most sinkholes are believed to start in a similar way, starting small and growing bigger and bigger. 

If you’re hoping to avoid finding yourself in the centre of a sinkhole and being swallowed up by the earth, you’re probably wondering whether it’s possible to avoid them. First you have to understand how they start. 

According to experts, a sinkhole usually starts when the earth or rock in the ground starts to become unstable which is often caused by groundwater dissolving rock.

Cosmos Magazine journalist Ellen Phiddian dives head-first into the science of sinkholes, revealing how they happen, how common they are and whether they can be predicted.

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