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What You Need To Know Before Getting Breast Implants

Dr Anand Deva is the doctor you go to when your breast implant surgery goes wrong.

He’s seen and assisted patients who have experienced anything from pain and illness to “double bubble” and “water” deformities that can be caused from surgeries.

On today’s episode of The Briefing, Dr Deva joins Katrina Blowers to inform us on what we need to know if we’re considering going under the knife.

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Dr Deva says clients should be well informed when going through the process of getting breast implants and understand the type of surgery they will undergo and any potential complications.

“What happens when you put an implant into a breast is you create two types of complications. One is complications related to the actual implant and one is the effect of the implant on the breast,” he said.

“The overarching message that has to go through and has to be understood and accepted by a patient agreeing to undergo this procedure is that by putting an implant into the breast you are signing up for more surgery to your breast or the implant or both.

“I think that has to be made really, really clear because if you have doubts or you don’t want to sign up for more surgery and more cost and the risk of complications.”

In this chat, Dr Deva deep dives into the complications and the effect they have on the patient’s body as well as the precautions to take.

Professor Deva will be speaking out on the new podcast Surgery Secrets: Beauty’s Dark Side.

The podcast is presented and produced by Michael Fraser and Maddison Johnstone – the consumer advocates behind some of Australia’s biggest corporate exposes, including wage theft and misconduct at 7Eleven, Domino’s Pizza and Retail Food Group.

Most recently their work has led to major reforms in our cosmetic surgery industry.

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