Victoria To Take Part In 12-Month Pharmacy Pilot

Victoria’s Department of Health are launching a 12-month pilot which will allow Victorians easier access to basic medications. 

The pilot, which is set to begin this month, will enable especially trained pharmacists to prescribe Schedule 4 medications. 

This includes contraceptive pills, antibiotics for UTI’s in women and a number of skin conditions. 

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As part of the pilot, select pharmacists will also be trained to administer public health and travel vaccines. 

The aim of the pilot is provide Victorians with more affordable primary healthcare amid the ongoing cost-of-living crisis. 

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This will allow people access to more local healthcare without having to book in an appointment with a GP. 

The Department of health have ensured that all safety and quality of care protocols will be met during the program. 

The pilot will operate state wide with pharmacies encouraged to assess their eligibility online.

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