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Vanessa Amorosi Sues Her Mother Over “Mismanaged Funds”

Australian singer Vanessa Amorosi has taken her mother to court, suing over unpaid earnings.

Ms Amorosi is suing her mother, Joyleen Robinson, over two family properties she alleges were purchased through royalties and earnings during her career as a singer.

One property is located on the outskirts of Melbourne in Narre Warren, while the other is in California, where Ms Amorosi currently lives.

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The civil trial comes after mediation in 2022 failed to resolve the matter.

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court of Victoria heard a trust was established by Ms Robinson in 2001.

Ms Amorosi’s lawyer, Philip Solomon KC, said it was established at a time when she began rising to fame.

“Vanessa’s career, on any analysis, was on a high in 2000 where she sang at the Olympics and in the years immediately after that where she released some highly successful singles,” Mr Solomon said.

“There was accordingly in the early 2000s an emphasis necessary on the way in which the income derived by her singing was to be taken in and then to be distributed.”

He told the court Ms Amorosi had came to the conclusion that Ms Robinson “was doing what she said, which was protecting her interests”.

“These are structures that were set up, Vanessa was told, for her benefit at a time during her career where she was extraordinarily successful and young,” he said. 

“If different structures had been set out or if those who ought to have been protecting her had done so honestly, there wouldn’t be a controversy 22 years later.”

“It’s a matter of regret and disappointment for Vanessa Amorosi, that her mother has done to her what has occurred, and it is always vexing for a family dispute to play out in court.”

Ms Amorosi, Ms Robinson and three other witnesses are due to give evidence to court on Thursday.

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