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New Data Shows Aggravated Home Burglaries by Children Skyrocket in Victoria 

Victoria has witnessed an alarming increase in youth crime, with recent data showing aggravated home burglaries by children aged 10 to 14 skyrocketed in the past year by 86.7 per cent. 

Despite overall home burglaries reaching their third lowest levels in the past decade in Victoria, police remain concerned about the surge in aggravated residential burglaries.  

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This particular crime type has witnessed a 30 per cent increase, primarily driven by a youth cohort sneaking into unlocked homes to steal car keys. 

Victoria police said the most common age group involved in aggravated home burglaries are youths aged 15 to 17.  

The findings reveal that over 95 per cent of aggravated burglaries are non-confrontational. 

To combat this growing issue, Victoria Police has implemented a dedicated operation across Victoria.  

Deputy Commissioner of regional operations Rick Nugent says the overall crime is gradually increasing from the low levels of 2020 to 2021. However, it remains more than nine per cent below pre-Covid levels. 

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“As part of this Melbourne-wide operation, over the past three months, we have arrested more than 200 burglars and car thieves during the night alone,” he said. 

Additionally, the night-time operation has arrested 522 individuals for various offences, including drug-related matters.  

In certain areas of Melbourne, Mr Nugent reveals that up to 70 per cent of homes that are broken into are found to be unlocked.  

The police encourage the community to take simple measures, including locking all doors and windows to thwart opportunistic thieves and safeguard their properties. 

He says serious and violent youth crime is another ongoing focus for police in Victoria, with Operation Alliance arresting around 450 young gang members last year. 

“In the past few years, we have reduced the number of serious and violent youth gang members on our watchlist, with 137 less known youth gang members in Victoria than when Operation Alliance commenced in September 2020.” 

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