Mushroom Cook Erin Patterson Pleads Not Guilty, To Stand Trial

Accused killer Erin Patterson has pleaded not guilty to murder after allegedly poisoning three relatives with deadly mushrooms. 

Three of Ms Patterson’s guests died after they ate a beef wellington at her home in Leongatha, Victoria, last year. 

She’s now accused of murdering her ex-husband Simon Patterson’s parents, Don and Gail, and his Aunt Heather Wilkinson. Police said the deaths displayed symptoms of the ingestion of death cap mushrooms. 

She is also accused of attempting to kill Heather’s husband, 68-year-old Baptist pastor Ian Wilkinson and her own ex-husband, Simon Patterson, on separate occasions.

Ms Patterson has repeatedly insisted she is innocent. In a statement last year, she said she “had absolutely no reason to hurt these people whom I loved.”

Ms Patterson will now face trial. She opted to have the case fast-tracked to the Victorian Supreme Court, where her lawyer has indicated she’ll plead “not guilty” to all charges.