Mugshot Of Former US President Donald Trump Released

The much-anticipated mugshot of former US President Donald Trump has been released after he handed himself in to authorities in Georgia this morning. 

Trump was officially booked at a Georgia jail after handing himself in on charges of interfering with the US presidential election in 2020. 

The former president is also alleged to have had 18 co-conspirators. 

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During his arrest, the first ever mugshot of a US president was taken before he was transported back to the airport. 

Trump self-reported his height and weight for the arrest which came in at 190.5cm tall and 97kg. 

Trump addressed the accusations against him at the airport claiming he had not committed any crimes. 

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“If you challenge an election, you should be able to challenge an election,” he told media. 

“I thought the election was a rigged election. A stolen election.”

Trump has been released on a US$200,000 bail and will be forced to adhere to certain conditions including refraining from intimidating witnesses, victims or co-defendants. 

His arrest follows that of Trump associate Rudy Giuliani who was also arrested at the same jail in Georgia yesterday. 

Trump is set to face court again in the coming weeks but may attend via video link. 

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