Labour Party Unveils Overhaul In Migration Policy To Reduce International Student Numbers

The Labor Party has executed a surprising policy reversal as part of broader efforts to reduce the number of temporary migrants in Australia. 

These changes, outlined in Labor’s migration review released on Sunday, include heightened English-language proficiency requirements and increased scrutiny of applicants. 

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The priority will now be given to those enrolling in high-quality, high-fee universities and colleges.

The initial extension, announced by Education Minister Jason Clare last September, was intended to encourage more international students to become permanent residents. 

However, the recent shift in policy reflects concerns about over 50 per cent of graduate visa holders being employed in low-skill jobs.

One significant aspect of the reforms is introducing a genuine student test, evaluating applicants’ academic or career progression and the relevance of their intended study to future career prospects. 

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The review aims to address the massive growth in international students, citing the influence of “non-genuine students and unscrupulous education providers” exploiting loopholes in the visa system.

Notably, the changes target visa applicants applying to providers and universities identified as high-risk by the Department of Home Affairs.

The migration review acknowledges the rise of “ghost schools”, institutions with few teaching facilities that seem to exist solely to channel student visa holders into the workforce. 

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