Jan Fran
Briefing Co-Host Jan Fran is back on the mic!

Briefing Co-host Jan Fran Is Back On The Mic

This week we welcome back Briefing co-host Jan Fran – who spent more than six months away from the microphone.

“I’ve missed our Briefers! I have! And a forehead kiss to every single Briefer out there. Consensual of course!”

Fran took time off last year as she welcomed her new baby son Joseph. So, how is motherhood going?

“There have been so many moments where I’ve been sort of walking around the house and I’m like, oh my God, there’s a baby here. Who’s baby? Who is that? And then, then I realized, oh, that’s, no, that’s my baby. That baby lives here. Right. Okay”

Jan Fran on motherhood

On today’s episode, Jan talks about motherhood and reveals the big news stories that have been on her radar.

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