Tom Tilley wants answers over the government's Qatar blunder.

Is The Honeymoon Over For Labor?

Anthony Albanese’s personal approval has dropped under the 50 per cent mark for the first time since he was elected Prime Minister.

It’s as Labor battles fires on multiple fronts including their Qatar decision; their struggles with the ‘Yes’ campaign; and the Defence Minister’s golf club controversy.

On today’s episode of The Briefing Podcast Tom Tilley is joined by Labor’s Assistant Minister for Competition, Dr Andrew Leigh to ask is the honeymoon over for Labor? Are voters turning against them? Can they ride out the Qatar decision without an Alan Joyce style backflip?

The conversation takes an awkward turn when Leigh appears to fumble when pressed to give more information on why the government blocked Qatar Airways from offering affordable flights in Australia’s busiest cities when there has been clear demand for it.

There is a highly competitive ecosystem in Australia, in terms of international flights. We’re certainly engaged and looking at how we can improve competition and I wouldn’t want to pretend that Qantas in any way has always been doing the right thing by the flying public.

Dr Andrew Leigh, Labor’s Assistant Minister for Competition

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